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The End Is Nigh For the Guinea Worm

Millennials: Society Will Be Just Fine Without Marriage

Not a greatly worded survey question imo. Definitely a leading question and the second option of society being better off regardless of marital status can almost be divided into two different options. However, I would also like to see results in different cultural and socioeconomic spectrums. Results feel a bit 2D.

Interesting. I think the longest I’ve gone without shaving my legs is probably…around 5 weeks. Just out of sheer laziness. Pits, on the other hand, I feel a bit gross, especially if it’s hot. Anyway, I like the idea of just doing something different!

Saying “it’s my opinion” is meaningless. It adds nothing to a conversation. It isn’t an argument, it isn’t a justification. It isn’t even a grunt of acknowledgement that the other person has said something. It’s less than all of those. What “it’s my opinion” says is this: I can’t be bothered coming up with a reason why I think the way that I do. In addition, I can’t be bothered listening to a word you’re saying to me. If you’ve put effort into communicating with me, you really needn’t have bothered. I have this thing called an ‘opinion’. I’m too lazy to have it challenged or contemplate the possibility that it isn’t correct.

You have your opinion, I have mine | Consider the Tea Cosy (via brutereason)

OMG. This puts into words what frustrates me when people say they have their opinions. I’m not saying you can’t have opinions. But you should be able to discuss your opinion with someone who disagrees, for the purpose of discussion and conversation. It’s a copout. And it’s lazy. 

(via damselindetech)

The points about pregnant and lactating women and the effects on their children is very poignant. Anyone can say that is a lack of knowledge or understanding of Ramadan and Islam but just goes to show the extremism in any religion can cause so much damage. *ahem ahem Hobby Lobby*.

I guess we can’t go into the health hazard of dehydration and the lack of productivity in Muslim-majority areas or the complete changes in peoples’ sleep and eating cycles causing them to gain weight unhealthily…because that is an individual’s prerogative. However, the issue comes when women are forced to persevere whilst their children suffer the consequences. 

A very insightful analysis!

I can’t decide between Tywin and Joffrey’s death as my favourites! GORGEOUS.


Adam Devine Mic Drop animated GIF

A land so magical, so mystical…yet so human. The characters seem to have the same beliefs and hopes as us in our ordinary lives. Martin truly is a genius. 

Awkward Coat animated GIF

This picture really does say it all. 

Yes. Can we please have more people like those college students who will stick up for people!? I’m sure if I were in that restaurant…I would stand up and probably start shouting at these people. Because I have done stuff like that before.

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